paper post: the program


Let’s talk a bit about one of your day-of items: the wedding program.

Programs are usually given at your ceremony- they let guests know what’s going on, who’s who, and more. For amount, we recommend doing somewhere around half of our guest count, unless they are placed at seats. Here are some ideas for what to include:

– The order of the ceremony is always nice, so that guests can follow along. If you’re having any special religious or cultural traditions, explain their significance- if it means a lot to you, your guests would love to know about it.

– Let them know who’s standing up there with you! If you have a wedding party, list their names (and we think it’s also a sweet detail to include their relationship with you, like “Nick’s college roommate”). You may also want to list the officiant, your parents and grandparents, or give a shout to other VIPs, like your favorite aunt.

– If you’ve included any sentimental details or heirlooms in your wedding day attire or in the ceremony, share them! It adds even more to your ceremony for your guests to know what little touches you’ve brought in- from using a poetry reading that your parents did, or that the altar cloth was sewn by your grandmother. We like to include this in a section called “Wedding Notes”- if you have room, go for it!

A sweet thank you is also a nice touch- this is the perfect place to honor loved ones that can’t be with you, thank your wedding party, or give guests who came from near and far to celebrate with you a little love.

background image: maria vicencio photography