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A tip about table numbers (and a story about my mom haha).

Every. single. time we talk about named table numbers, Jenna’s mom comments on how confused she gets when tables have names instead of numbers: when you walk in and see “Las Vegas,” how are you supposed to know what direction to head in for “Cape Cod”?

Now, a little disclaimer- we LOVE named table numbers. It’s such a sweet way to bring in a little more about your love story and add a unique touch to something so functional. And if that’s what you want, we’re 120% behind it- it’s your wedding! But if you’re having a larger wedding (and a ton of tables), combining the two ideas might be something to think about. Here are some ideas for having the best of both worlds:

– Writing out part of the number and using numerals for the actual table number: “Ten-oh-9” in an address (let’s say the address of where you met, like “1009 Wesleyan Street”) for table #9.

– Do both! We do this often. So “Grayson Vineyard” would be “Table No. 1” and it would be printed as both on the table numbers and escort cards.

– You guys love sports? Google MLB or NFL (or whatever three letter league gets you cheering) team rankings and use the most recent standings for built in numbers.

A chronological list of places you’ve been (3rd trip together: Matt’s wedding in Western Massachusetts) or sites of significant dates (1st date: the bagel shop downtown) can be a great place to start- instant numbers! We’d love to know what you decide!

background image: maria vicencio photography

  • The design of these table numbers is absolutely stunning – and I love the way you incorporated the story element with the practical element of a simple number.

    Absolutely awesome!

    We’re brainstorming our “numbers” right now. So far, we have 1, 2, 3, 4 and then 180, 311 and 1711. Can’t wait to see the looks on guests’ faces when they see they are seated at table 1711. :)

  • That’s so smart! We had named table numbers, and I’m sure it took our guests a little extra time to check the tables names – Disney movies :)

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