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Wedding monograms… or as we like to think of them, wedding logos. Yep, time to brand your wedding! A monogram is the perfect element to tie your papergoods together- from the invitation to the table numbers to the out of town bags. We’ve had even had clients use them to create a gobo stencil for their dance floor lighting, or on their thank you notecards. If you have one of these created during your invitation process, it’s a great starting point for the rest of your wedding stationery. Here are some of our tips:

– Initial monograms look fantastic on wax seals! You can use both of your initials (“S & A”) or if you’ll be sharing a last name, one initial would be beautiful. Old school etiquette: the “new” last name monogram should be saved for the reception only (after you’re technically, married) but like we say with most stationery “rules”: know the rule, then you can break it! We’ve had clients hear the “no-last-initials until the reception” tradition and decide to skip it, and we’ve had clients go for it. It’s your day!

– Consider doing your first names in place of initials or adding your wedding date- this is a great way to expand your monogram into a wedding logo.

– Think about bringing in graphics, like a custom crest or illustration. With a wedding logo, you can share way more than your initials with your guests- let them get a glimpse of you both as a couple, or pick up on the feeling you want your wedding to have. Fun, right?

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