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Weddings are a big deal.

You have wedding blogs, and wedding magazines, and wedding vendor blogs and wedding vendor magazines. There are inspiration boards for the colors, the flowers, the jewelry, the wedding party, the clothes, the table, the invitations, the photography.

So here it is: if you want them, all of these things matter. All of these things are little tiny pieces of the whole that are going to make the day YOURS. And you know what makes all of these details shine? The love that goes over and underneath and above all of them.

Next time you see a gorgeous wedding online, take a second to read (we know, we know. We look at the pictures first too) the text- why they chose that theme or that tradition or those flowers. If you still think the details don’t matter much after that, you’re reading the wrong blogs. Because there are blogs for every kind of wedding- the modern, the offbeat, the vintage, the handmade… you just need to find yours.

For us, it’s a little more than sad to read these articles lately that say details don’t matter, or this or that trend is so over or so last year.

Well, we’re so over hearing couples question themselves because they think that everyone has a photobooth or uses vintage china- if you love it, do it! Unless your guests are professional wedding guests (is this a possibility? If so sign us up!), they have no idea about “wedding trends” or the next big wedding thing. They just see a couple in love. If you think guests are standing in the hall talking about how the photobooth guestbook idea is sooo last year, someone needs to tell the guy who posted it on Facebook with the caption “Best idea ever. So ___ + ___.” True story.

We’re so over couples feeling judged because something they want is in all the wedding magazines right now. Or because it’s not.

So for all the engaged couples out there: it’s okay to want details. It’s okay to not want them- sometimes the detail that makes it so you two, is that there aren’t many. It’s okay to want something that just so happens to be the trend right this second- your love will make it timeless. It’s okay to think that detail you keep seeing is ridiculous and you would never.

It’s all okay- you’re getting married, and it’s your day. So do it up, and don’t let anyone let you feel bad about any of it.

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