paper post: envelope & card sizes


Let’s talk a little bit about envelope and card sizes, shall we?

We usually include measurements in our emails and contracts- we think it’s nice to know what you’re paying for!- but it can be hard to visualize what a measurement looks like when you can’t relate it to something you’re familiar with. So here’s a quick guide to the common envelope sizes and what they look like in the real world. In size order:

– #1 mini envelope: these are those cute little envelopes that you can slide your business cards into. We also think they’re fun for gift tags or escort cards!

– 4 bar: if you’ve RSVPed to a wedding lately, there’s a good chance the reply card was 4 bar or around it.

– A2: a lot of personalized notecards are this size. It’s also popular for save the dates or invitations (not usually wedding invites though- they tend to need more space!).

– #10: these have a bad rap because they’re the common business envelope size… aka, those envelopes bills come in. But the #10 envelopes stationers carry are a far cry from the office supply closet. These specialty #10s are usually top open, meaning the opening flap is on the short side, not the long side. We love these for invitations- they’re different but don’t need more postage than an A7 envelope.

– A7: If you’ve seen more than one wedding invitation, you’ve probably seen an A7. Coincidentally, A7s happen to be around the size of a DVD case- we measured just for you :) It’s a great invitation size and gives you plenty of room to work with.

Hope this helps form a frame of reference for you when it comes to stationery sizes!

background image: victoria selman photography

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