paper post: addressing your invitations


You’ve spent either money or time on gorgeous invitations, now it’s time for the most functional part- getting them there!

Please please don’t print standard address labels. We know we’re paper crazy- but the outside of the envelope is the absolute first impression, and it should be just as beautiful as the inside! If you’re not using a calligrapher, ask a stationer about creating matching address labels. This doesn’t have to break your budget (especially when you think of ink and the time it takes to get those label templates lined up perfectly!)- ask for blank matching labels that you can handwrite addresses on, or get pricing to have your address list typed and printed on the labels.

Here are a few ways to make it all easier on you and your stationer:

– Our favorite way to keep your addresses straight: in a spreadsheet. If you’re having labels made, this makes it easiest for your stationer to lay out all of your guest addresses.

– Like most things, consistency is key in your address list. Keep the same format for each guest- so if Kevin and Elizabeth Smith is “Mr and Mrs Smith,” Brian Jones is “Mr Brian Jones.” Make it easy on yourself and whoever’s doing your addressing.

– If you’re using an inner envelope, include an “Inner Envelope Names” column in your spreadsheet. No one knows your guest list like you do- an outsider wouldn’t know that “The Smith Family” includes four kids.

– In your spreadsheet, make sure to eliminate abbreviations for “Street,” “Drive,” “Road,” etc and write out state names as well.

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  • Simple, to-the-point tips, and I couldn’t agree more. Especially on the spreadsheet, since I’m spreadsheet obsessed after all.

  • Great tips! My mom would love them. She’s kind of an etiquette nazi, especially when it comes to things like this. :) But for those of us that are more… etiquette challenged… tips like these are very helpful!

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