free printable :: produce buying guide 2015

Even though I personally LOVE doing the grocery shopping (I know this is weird), it drives me nuts that the produce section can be so overwhelming. Besides keeping fruit around ALL THE TIME for Havi (I seriously think this kid eats like a teenager), we’ve also been buying more produce for Whole30 compliant or paleo dinners lately, so it seems like I’m spending a lot of time in the produce department these days! Trying to choose just right fruits and vegetables is one thing- I pick them up to examine and I pretend I know what I’m looking for ha- but my biggest worry is figuring out what’s best to buy organic, and what to skip.

That’s where Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ comes in: this list highlights the “Dirty Dozen” (go organic) and the “Clean Fifteen” (conventional’s ok) fruits and vegetables, and really helps you figure out where it’s most worth it to spend more for the organic versions if you want to do that.

free printable from little bit heart: EWG 2015 produce buying guide

They just updated the list for 2015, so we’ve updated our free printable of the produce guide (available here) as well! We didn’t notice any major updates from last year’s list, but we couldn’t resist the chance to do a new design since we look all this on the fridge all year :) I know I’m always taking screen grabs and pictures of things I want to remember, so we also included a version (available here) that you can use as your phone wallpaper or save to your photos so it’s always handy.

Happy shopping!

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old world travel wedding inspiration shoot

We wanted to share a few of our favorite photos (by the amazingly talented Sarah Goodwin) from the Old World Travel shoot we worked on recently- we just love doing shoots like this! Haley (who did the coordination and the lovely, lovely florals) and Sarah got in touch with us awhile ago about doing the papergoods, and we were so excited to sign on when they told us about the theme. We had so much fun putting together the paper for this shoot- an invitation folder made out of a printed map with a compass charm closure, accordion fold menus with a wax seal detail, baggage tag escort cards- all with the vintage travel feel.

We’re grateful to share a couple of new press credits as well- the shoot was featured on Burnett’s Boards and 100 Layer Cake. Yay!

Vendor Credits:

Sarah Goodwin – photography
Haley Tobias Events – florals & coordination
Jordan Winn & Co. – hair and makeup
Amy’s Bridal Boutique – wedding gown & veil
Rent The Runway – Badgley Mischka sequin gown
Sweets by E – cake, macarons, cupcakes
Ginger and Spice – vintage rentals (suitcases, cameras, binoculars, place settings)
Silk & Willow – hand dyed silk ribbon
Stone Tower Winery – venue
Models: Evan Sanderson and Amanda Schmitt

paper post: invitation insert wording


Inserts are all of those other cards in your set that aren’t the actual invitation- you may have all of these or none of these (a reply card is almost always included).

Reply card

Here’s the information you need: the guest(s) names, if they’re coming or not coming, and, if you have a meal choice, what they’d like to eat.

M ____________

( ) accepts with pleasure

( ) declines with regret

__ steak  __ chicken __ fish

Now jazz it up and make it yours! Stick with the formal “accepts with pleasure” and “declines with regret” and add a “Leave a note for the happy couple” section- you’ll cherish those sweet notes. Or ditch the accepts/declines and go for wording that fits your wedding: “Can’t wait to join C+L on this great adventure!” for accepts and “We’ll be there in spirit!” for declines. Just like with the invitation wording, take this as another unexpected opportunity to show your wedding style.

Accommodations card

Goal here: to inform guests about accommodations options and if you have a room block reserved. We like to include the phone number and addresses of the hotel choices, and be sure to let guests know what event code or name to mention if you do have a room block, and if there’s a date that the block closes.

Room blocks have been reserved at the following hotels for your convenience:

The Westin Annapolis – 100 Westgate Circle – 410.555.1234
The Sheraton Annapolis – 2000 East Parkway – 410.555.8878

Pleas reference the Ryon-Smith wedding when you book. To ensure the block rate, please reserve your room(s) by April 29.

Directions card

This can double up with the accommodations card if room allows, or it can be paired with a cute map. You can do directions from major points: “from the north,” “from the east,” or do directions from the major destinations: from the hotel to the ceremony to the reception.

Reception card

A separate card inviting guests to the reception is usually included when the ceremony and reception are held at two different locations (for example, ceremony at a church and reception at a hotel). The basic info: what, where, and the dress (if you’re specifying a dress code, it should skip the main invitation card and go here).

Dinner and dancing immediately following

Newton White Mansion
908 Krisfield Drive
Annapolis, Maryland

Black Tie

Website card

Including your wedding website is a must- that’s where all that information that just won’t fit anywhere else is going to go! We do smaller cards just for these, or if there’s room, we include them on the directions or accommodations card. If your wedding website is password protected, be sure to include that as well.

Our biggest tip? Just like your details– make it yours. Let your wording shine for you- anywhere you can (or want to!), let your guests see the two of you. Super laidback? Classic and formal? Funny? Show it.

background image: cristina elisa photography

paper post: invitation wording


Some couples come to us with their wording already in place, and others ask us what their options are- point being, we’ve seen a lot of invitation wording! The best news is that there’s no right or wrong answer. Here are a few ideas, from the traditional to the modern.

Very traditional, both parents hosting:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jones
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their children

Grace Elizabeth Smith


Reese Havilland Jones

Saturday the seventh of February
two thousand nine
three o’clock in the afternoon

St. Anne’s Church
10102 Main Street
Annapolis, Maryland

Very traditional, one set of parents hosting:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter

Grace Elizabeth
Mr. Reese Havilland Jones
son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jones

Saturday the seventh of February
two thousand eleven
three o’clock in the afternoon

St. Anne’s Church
10102 Main Street
Annapolis, Maryland

Note: “Honour” (formal/traditional spelling) is traditionally used for weddings at a place of worship- “the pleasure of your company” is the alternative. However, we are firmly of the opinion that you can use whichever wording you’d like! (If you do go with “honour” and traditional reply card wording like “the favour of a reply,” “favour” should have the “u” as well).

Couple hosting with their parents:

Grace Elizabeth Smith
Reese Havilland Jones

Together with their parents (this can also go at the top, depending on your invitation design)
request the honour of your presence at their marriage

On Sunday, the tenth of April
Two thousand eleven
At five thirty in the evening

St. Anne’s Church
10102 Main Street
Annapolis, Maryland

We love these takes on invitation wording- have fun with it!

Please join
Grace and Reese
as they have chosen the first day
of their lives together
as partners in crime

on November twenty eighth
two thousand eleven
five o’clock in the evening

The Mansion at Oakwoods
124 First Street
Annapolis, Maryland

Or, for a destination wedding (see how it includes details about their courtship- love that!)

After a 3000 mile distance, countless air miles, and a year’s engagement…
Reese and Grace
will unite in marriage on April 31, 2012
On the tranquil shores of the Riviera Maya, Cancun
at sunset

The Excellence Resort
Cancun, Mexico

Keep in mind that line breaks and capitalization, etc will depend on your invitation design- they’re not set in stone.

The invitation is the first glimpse of your wedding- let it work for you and introduce your celebration exactly the way you want it to!

background image: joy michele photography