june 2015 postage rate increase

june 2015 - usps postage rate increase for wedding invitations

Postage rate FYI! Effective June 1, 2015, the two ounce or odd size (ie square) first class rate went up from .70 to .71 cents, which might affect your wedding invitations. We usually handle mailing for our clients, but if you’re mailing out your invites, remember to check twice and mail once :)

They have the new .71 cent wedding cake stamps available online but might not have them at your post office yet.

free printable :: produce buying guide 2015

Even though I personally LOVE doing the grocery shopping (I know this is weird), it drives me nuts that the produce section can be so overwhelming. Besides keeping fruit around ALL THE TIME for Havi (I seriously think this kid eats like a teenager), we’ve also been buying more produce for Whole30 compliant or paleo dinners lately, so it seems like I’m spending a lot of time in the produce department these days! Trying to choose just right fruits and vegetables is one thing- I pick them up to examine and I pretend I know what I’m looking for ha- but my biggest worry is figuring out what’s best to buy organic, and what to skip.

That’s where Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ comes in: this list highlights the “Dirty Dozen” (go organic) and the “Clean Fifteen” (conventional’s ok) fruits and vegetables, and really helps you figure out where it’s most worth it to spend more for the organic versions if you want to do that.

free printable from little bit heart: EWG 2015 produce buying guide

They just updated the list for 2015, so we’ve updated our free printable of the produce guide (available here) as well! We didn’t notice any major updates from last year’s list, but we couldn’t resist the chance to do a new design since we look all this on the fridge all year :) I know I’m always taking screen grabs and pictures of things I want to remember, so we also included a version (available here) that you can use as your phone wallpaper or save to your photos so it’s always handy.

Happy shopping!

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big news- capital style best invitations winner 2015!

Sneak peek at what’s going on this week (hand lettering and Baltimore illustrations for a save the date, super cute confetti valentines!, and a classic wedding set with peonies and ribbon)- oh, and some recent BIG news we’re very happy about!

So so excited to announce that we were voted Best Invitations Winner 2015 in the Capital Style Bridal Readers Choice Awards! A huge thank you to everyone who voted- we are so honored.

little bit heart winner best invitations 2015 - capital style bridal readers choice annapolis maryland

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font friday 59: the fancy deal

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We know it’s been awhile since #fontfriday but we wanted to share this awesome font deal we got today– so many cool fonts in this bundle with a handwritten feel! There’s also some gorgeous floral graphics along with some other goodies, it’s a steal at $29!

fancy deal font bundle

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washingtonian bride & groom’s 2015 recommended vendor!

So excited to share that we’re in Washingtonian Bride & Groom’s Recommended Vendors for 2015 (our 3rd year!)- such an honor! Thank you for including us!


Also a reminder that we’re getting really close to Christmas- Friday is the last day to order gifts from the shop with a chance for Christmas Eve delivery! It’s also a good time to start thinking about those New Year’s cards :)

photo of maria + nick’s gorgeous invite: maria vicencio photography

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