credits and legalese

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Hi there! Thank you for visiting our website and blog- we’re so glad to have you here.


Homepage photos: Maria Vicencio Photography, our own photo, KT Merry, Adam Barnes Photography

Wedding portfolio photos: Kindred Art Photography

Whenever possible, photo credits directly appear on the page. Uncredited photos are our own.


Some of our blog posts use affiliate links, which mean that we receive a commission if you make a purchase using our link(s). They are indicated next to the link in the blog post.


Unless otherwise noted, all design/stationery, etc work is copyright Little Bit Heart LLC. All images used on this site are copyrighted to their respective photographers, and the credits are all noted either in the footer or the body text of the page they appear on.

If we are not the original source of the image, it’s been sourced and credited properly to the best of our knowledge. If we can’t find the original source credit, we don’t use it in blog posts, or anywhere else. For more on establishing a image crediting policy, please visit Link with Love and try to spread the link love :)

If you have any questions about the origin or credits of an image, or if you are the creator of an image you’d like removed, please contact us.


Any information collected during your visit to our blog or website (such as the following: name, email address, additional contact information) is used only to get in touch with you after you’ve initiated contact. We will not sell your information or send you unsolicited correspondence.

Information such as your IP address and ISP may be collected during your visit to our blog or if you comment on a blog post. This is collected automatically by our content management system and used only for the ability to identify abusive and/or spam commenters.